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About the Congress

     Diyarbakır; History, Society and Economics… This congress is an effort to understand the old and new shape of relations of Diyarbakır from the social sciences area. It focuses on the ontological, historical and spatial fields which make Diyarbakır unique, and aims to bring the new perspectives on the city. 


     The main aim of the congress is to re-think about the city/geography without instrumentalising it which the modern science commits a mistake by describing it as a geography that has never developed and will develop.


     As it will be seen below under every single themes that the papers without having a sharp limitation between the disciplines are expected.  The congress also gives a platform to the participants that to question the borders of the disciplines. In this sense, the congress aims to bring together the academics from the fields of history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, literature, international relations, religion, economics, law, art history, archology, architecture.